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    White Nationalist and Muslim ban architect Steve Bannon's successful efforts to get a seat on the National Security Council are a power grab that will further enable him to enact his dangerous agenda.

    Congress must stand up and work to keep Steve Bannon off the National Security Council.

    Even in one of the most bigoted and corrupt administrations in recent history, one person manages to stand out: Steve Bannon, the chief strategist at the White House, who as the former editor of Brietbart—the anti-Muslim White Nationalist "news" company—used his platforms to spread vitriolic anti-Muslim hate and conspiracy theories on a daily basis.1

    Bannon is exceptionally dangerous not only because of his toxic views towards Muslims and other groups, but because of the immense power that he holds in the Trump administration.

    Along with crafting the illegal and immoral Muslim ban, Bannon reportedly got Donald Trump to sign an executive order placing himself on the National Security Council (NSC), while removing intelligence professionals—without Trump even being aware that he was handing over this critical position to Bannon.2

    With a new Muslim ban being signed any day now, we need to stop Bannon before he does even more damage to our communities and grabs even more power.

    Congress has the power to help stop him. Send a note to your representatives in the House and Senate asking them to support legislation to remove Bannon from the NSC.

    The administration has made one thing clear in their first few weeks in office—they will use every opportunity and resource available to them to target Muslim communities. Whether it's their disastrous and discriminatory Muslim ban, the hiring and subsequent firing of anti-Muslim General Mike Flynn, or their refusal to disavow the spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes, the Trump administration—guided by chief strategist Steve Bannon—is bent on discriminating against Muslims, Islam, and Muslim communities.

    For Bannon, a seat on the NSC is just another power grab in pursuit of his dangerous agenda—what he sees as a global existential war with Muslims and Islam.3 And with the vast access to information and the national security apparatus that comes with it, it's one of the most powerful positions in government.

    Sign here to tell your representatives in Congress to stand up to Bannon before he can use his power to do even more harm.



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