Call Governor Brown: Sign SB31

In the past couple of months, Trump has doubled down on his support for violent White Supremacists, diminished protections to immigrant youth by trying to revoke DACA, and instituted a third version of the Muslim Ban. It's clear that we must do everything we can to protect faith communities and communities of color.

Trump's ongoing, alarming calls for a Muslim registry has no room for debate in our state. Here in California, there is a bill that will protect against religious profiling.

The California Religious Freedom Act (SB 31) ensures that no state agency will be able to create a registry database based on a person’s religious beliefs, practice or affiliation, national origin, or ethnicity, for law enforcement or immigration purposes.

The bill, with amendments proposed by the Governor's office, passed both the State Senate and Assembly in September. Governor Brown's office suggested amendments as a condition to sign the bill, but he has yet to sign it.

Make the Call

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