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    Throughout this election cycle, politicians & the media have focused on Islam and on Muslim communities. But our own voices have been left out of the conversation. Not anymore.

    Sign our pledge to tell the political establishment and the media:

    I'm pledging to speak up and speak out.

    I'm pledging to make sure that my voice and my community's voices are heard.

    I'm pledging to make sure that this election will no longer be about us, without us.

    No Longer Will This Election Be #AboutUsWithoutUs


    Posted by MPower Change on Monday, February 29, 2016

    This election cycle has seen an unprecedented amount of attention focused on Islam, Muslims, and Muslim communities. We've heard outright bigotry and calls for all sorts of terrible policies directed at Muslims. 

    But one thing has been missing—our own voices. It's time for that to change.

    Every day that we don't speak up, someone else gets to define what it means to be Muslim in America today. That's why we're launching an unprecedented national campaign—to make sure that the stories of Muslims and Muslim communities are heard loud and clear.

    No longer will this election be #aboutuswithoutus.

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