Big Tech: Stop Selling War

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    The Message

    CEOs of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter:

    The Global War on Terror is one of the most violent campaigns against human life in contemporary history. On this 20th year since 9/11 we urgently demand the following:
    • Cut contracts supporting the War on Terror from drones to databases and drop any current bids you are pursuing. 
    • Pay reparations to repair the harm to Muslim, Black, and brown communities over the past 20 years.
    • Create hiring practices to regulate the revolving door between the government and Silicon Valley to ensure foremost that U.S. government interests are not dictating the development of your tech.

    Among Muslim, Black, and brown communities across the planet, 9/11 is arguably the singular event that compelled the most violent campaign against human life in contemporary history — the “Global War on Terror” (GWoT).

    The War on Terror was always a violent quest to expand the reach of the U.S. empire with one key collaborator: the corporations that competed to make a profit on human suffering.

    But weapons manufacturers 1 aren’t the only ones who cashed in — household names in tech like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have respectively reaped billions of our tax dollars from selling tech to the war machine.

    On this 20th year since 9/11, we need your help in publicly blasting Big Tech’s complicity in the Global War on Terror.

    Join us, dozens of other advocacy organizations, and tens of thousands of individuals like you by adding your name to our open call for accountability — Big Tech: Stop Selling War.

    We can’t allow 20 years of corporate complicity in war to go unnoticed. This 9/11 we can capture the attention of Silicon Valley with one collective demand for big tech to divest from war. Will you join us in this first step in an ongoing struggle to dismantle the corporate web of violence that is the War on Terror?

    This open call only works when you add your name. Will you join us?

    In the 20 years since 9/11, here’s what U.S. government agencies and their Big Tech backers have accomplished.

    ~500,000 civilian lives stolen and unaccounted for.2

    Destructive occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

    Drone warfare.

    The establishment of the Department of Homeland Security and of ICE: agencies dedicated to hunting and detaining people and families seeking refuge.

    There’s more:

    Big Tech corporations made billions from government contracts that helped wage war on Muslim, Black, and brown communities — both in the U.S. and abroad.

    Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other Big Tech corporations made billions providing services like critical cloud computing software to store and analyze data, GPS to track movement across borders, and algorithms to perfect facial recognition technology to target Muslim, Black, and brown people across the globe.3

    From Google selling artificial intelligence to the Department of Defense to make its drone strikes deadlier4 to Amazon selling cloud services to run the National Security Agency's surveillance program,5 the list truly goes on and on.6

    Here’s where you come in.

    On this 20th year since 9/11, we are finally seeing signs that our movements for justice, liberation, and human rights are working to dismantle the War on Terror.

    We’re witnessing mainstream media reports on the devastation that was the U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, The White House moving cautiously to close Guantanamo Bay, and some Congressional repeals of the laws that gave legal authority for the U.S. to wage full-scale violence in the Middle East.

    Together, we must continue to push until every war profiteer in Tech can no longer justify making a dime on state violence against our people. Join our open call TODAY — Big Tech: Stop selling war.



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    In partnership with:

    Crescendo is a project of ACRE, LittleSis, and MPower Change that is focused on researching and campaigning against anti-Muslim corporations. Anti-Muslim corporations are those that provide financial support to organizations, politicians, other corporations, or individuals that are engaged in attacks on Muslims, and those whose business practices are anti-Muslim (e.g., companies that discriminate against Muslim workers, profit from war in Muslim countries, profit from the incarceration and/or deportation of Muslims, and provide platforms for or promote anti-Muslim hate groups).
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