Fire Nashville Teacher Who Ripped Off Student's Hijab

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    The New Vision Academy Charter school in Nashville, TN has suspended a teacher who ripped off a hijab (headscarf) from a student's head and posted it on social media. 

    We demand that the New Vision Academy Charter school fire the teacher who violated the student's body and privacy. There should be a zero-tolerance policy for teachers' actions that physically harm students and then publicize them online.

    This week, a teacher in Nashville, Tennessee ripped off her student's hijab and then posted a video of her "pretty hair" on Snapchat.1

    This type of behavior deserves recourse that asserts a zero-tolerance policy from schools. Let's imagine ourselves in the student's shoes for a second. A young Muslim woman attending middle school, in the middle of a red state, living in Trump's America, is assaulted by her own teacher—who then publicizes the event on social media.

    We're demanding the New Vision Academy Charter School fire—not simply suspend—the teacher who violated the student's body and privacy.

    Since Trump's inauguration, there has been a 91% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes compared to the same period of time before his presidency.2 Muslim students across the country have reported rising instances of bullying, and 20% of them have reported anti-Muslim hate against them in schools.3

    Enough is enough. We're not willing to stand by as Muslim students are harassed—not just by their peers, but by teachers and administrators. Sign a petition now to demand the New Vision Academy Charter School fire the teacher immediately.

    We will protect each other. We will defend our youth. We will demand that their safety is prioritized.

    In solidarity,
    Kifah, Mohammad, Linda, and the MPower Change team


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