Tell the FCC and Congress: Don't Kill Net Neutrality

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    To Congress and the FCC:

    The FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are extremely important to me. I urge you to protect them.

    I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into "fast lanes" for companies that pay and "slow lanes" for the rest.

    Now is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.

    Censorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.

    Courts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer "fast lanes" to websites for a fee.

    Chairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.

    But if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.

    Internet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.

    Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.

    I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.

    So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.

    Thank you!

    Imagine a web where content from sites like Breitbart is featured front and center, while grassroots organizations like ours are pushed into a "slow lane." That's what we could be looking at if Trump's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gets it way and sells out net neutrality to big telecom companies.

    The FCC wants to rig the rules that govern the internet so that service providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T can control what content we see—restricting the free and open web and drowning out voices like ours.

    Today, we're joining dozens of progressive partners and some of the internet's largest sites for a national day of action to tell the FCC and Congress to save net neutrality. Will you add your name?

    It's challenging enough to cut through all the hate on the internet and promote our own stories, but under the new rules, we just wouldn't be able to compete with the bigots and the well-funded Islamophobia Industry—they'd be able to simply buy their way around throttling and extra fees, while our content could be blocked or censored.

    We know how important access to an open and neutral internet can be, and how critical it is in this moment that Muslim communities' voices not be silenced or drowned out. When we founded MPower Change, we looked to the examples of brilliant organizations like Color of Change, 18MR, and Presente—all of which have harnessed grassroots digital campaigning to empower our communities.

    With a level playing field, we can continue to organize Muslim communities and allies to fight and win campaigns in the struggle for justice for all people. But without a free, fair, and open web, communities and organizations like ours won't have the chance to make our voices heard.

    Add your name to our list of public comments to the FCC and Congress and demand that they back off their plans to kill net neutrality.

    This isn't the first time that the FCC has tried to sell out the internet. In 2015, startups, Internet freedom groups, and 3.7 million public commenters won strong net neutrality rules prohibiting internet providers from blocking, throttling, or prioritizing content. From the SOPA blackout to the Internet Slowdown, we've shown time and time again that when the internet comes together, we can stop censorship and corruption. But if we do nothing, then Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T win control over the internet—and access to show content to users goes to the highest bidder.

    With an administration that's bent on targeting Muslims and other marginalized communities, and an increasingly empowered movement of bigots and Islamophobes, we can't afford to let big telecom companies control what we see online. Add your name today to the public comments to the FCC and Congress.

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