Stop Inciting Hatred Against Innocent People

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    The New York Post ran a misleading and dangerous front page in the wake of another mass shooting—one that could put more innocent Muslims (and Christian Arabs, Sikhs, and others) in danger. We're calling on them and other media outlets to stop the double standards.
    The New York Post has labeled the San Bernardino shooters "Muslim Killers" in their web version, without any information on motive. What did they call the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter or Charleston Shooter or Aurora Movie Theater shooter?
    It is this type of inflammatory, irresponsible and inciting media reporting that fuels an environment of hate and violence against innocent people. 
    We are not surprised—the NY Post is, after all, a part of the same family of companies as the right-wing infotainment channel Fox TV—but we are tired of being victimized. 
    We say enough is enough. The Post, and all media outlets, have to report based on facts and act more responsibly—and we have to hold them accountable. 
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