Twitter: Stop Enabling Trump's Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

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    To Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

    Twitter has enabled Donald Trump's anti-Muslim hate speech for long enough, despite a spike in anti-Muslim hate violence across the U.S. Take action immediately to shut down his account.

    Donald Trump's bigotry hit a new low today, as he retweeted several anti-Muslim videos from the deputy of a far-right fascist party in the U.K.1

    This isn't the first time that he's used the social media platform to spread anti-Muslim rhetoric—and Twitter needs to stop pretending that Trump's hate speech doesn't have consequences.

    Since Trump took office, CAIR has recorded a nearly doubling of anti-Muslim hate crimes.2 And in incident after incident, we've heard anti-Muslim slogans3 or even simply the name "Trump" used as a rallying cry before racist attacks.4

    Enough is enough. Twitter needs to stop letting Trump use its platform to encourage violence against Muslims. Sign and tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to shut down Trump's account.

    The White Nationalist party that Trump retweeted is called "Britain First"—it's the same slogan shouted out by far-right extremist Thomas Mair before he assassinated a British Member of Parliament last year.

    Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the group, has herself been found guilty of "religiously aggravated harassment" of a Muslim woman.5

    And by retweeting the videos posted by Fransen, which are violent and unsubstantiated, Trump is doing nothing less than giving the Presidential seal of approval to anti-Muslim violence.

    All of this is being enabled by Twitter, which allows Trump to broadcast his bigotry to nearly 44 million followers. Will you sign and tell them to put an end to Trump's hate speech?

    Twitter likes to claim that it's helpless when it comes to silencing hate speech and violent rhetoric.

    But the platform has taken action before to shut down violent or hateful accounts. Last year, they closed over 100,000 accounts linked to Daesh.6 And earlier this month, after facing a heavy backlash, they unverified the accounts of several prominent White Nationalists.7

    And now Twitter has a choice: continue to enable Trump's hate speech and the resulting anti-Muslim violence, or be a platform where everyone can feel safe—regardless of their religion or where they come from.

    Sign the petition to tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to stop enabling Trump's hate speech.

    P.S. If you're on Twitter, tweet directly at Jack Dorsey and Twitter and tell them to stop Trump from spreading hate speech.

    P.P.S. And if you can stand to view the bigotry first-hand, report Trump's account directly here on Twitter (click the icon next to the "Follow" button and hit "Report @realDonaldTrump").



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