Twitter: Stop Enabling Trump's Violent Incitement

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    To Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

    Twitter has enabled Donald Trump's racist and anti-Muslim violent incitement for long enough. Despite a spike in hate violence across the U.S., Twitter has done next to nothing to hold Trump accountable to even a single community guideline. Tell Twitter CEO to take action immediately to shut down Trump's account following violent incitement against peaceful protestors in Minneapolis.

    UPDATE 5/30/20: Trump has used his platform to incite violence against peaceful protestors in the Minneapolis uprising against the police murder of George Floyd—implying that those 'looting' should be shot. In response, Twitter placed a flag on that tweet for 'glorifying violence,' but we need much more than that. Add your name to demand Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

    After Trump's open incitement of violence against Rep. Ilhan Omar and U.S. Muslims—currently pinned to the top of his Twitter account—we're reviving this letter and asking you to sign it: Jack must act NOW and remove Trump's account for encouraging Islamophobic violence.

    Please sign our open letter to Twitter right now.

    Here's where we are:

    Today marks one month since the horrific Christchurch Mosque shootings, whose perpetrator described Trump in his manifesto as "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose."

    This should have been a moment to staunch the flow of Islamophobic hate.

    Instead, in the month since, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Black Muslim woman and a Somali-American refugee, has endured multiple death threats and countless threats of violence.

    And on this horrendous anniversary, Donald Trump has pinned to the top of his Twitter account a dishonestly edited video shamelessly smearing Rep. Omar, and using footage of the 9/11 attacks to fearmonger against all U.S. Muslims.

    No. More. A month after Christchurch, the most powerful man in the world is openly inciting violence—and he's using Twitter to spread his vile message to millions. It's time for Twitter to remove one of the worst hate speech accounts on its platform: Donald Trump's.

    Why are we reviving this letter? And why do we think now will be any different?

    First of all, this is a movement moment. If you search Twitter right now for replies to Jack Dorsey on his official account (@Jack), you'll see an overwhelming, grassroots revulsion towards his inaction regarding Donald Trump's Twitter account as it attacks a Black Muslim Congresswoman receiving death threats.

    People are already calling on Twitter to do the right thing and shut down an account encouraging violent threats—whether it's from the most powerful person in the world or the least powerful person in the world. We can help channel that energy in a way that was harder to do when we initially released our letter in late 2017—and this time, we'll start with several thousand signers already.

    Secondly, it's simply the right thing to do. We can't stand by—as attacks on Rep. Omar and other U.S. Muslims intensify—and pretend that one of the greatest inciters of white supremacy, bigotry and Islamophobia in the country right now isn't Trump's Twitter account.

    Let's meet the demands of this moment. Sign the petition and then share it with your family and friends. Demand that Twitter take down @realDonaldTrump.

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