Rein in Violent Police, not Unarmed Water Protectors

Over the past few days, police have used a range of potentially lethal weaponry against peaceful water protectors in North Dakota: tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, mace, and water cannons. With temperatures well below freezing, the use of water cannons is causing hypothermia, along with the physical pain from being blasted with high-pressure water. 

According to those on the scene, demonstrators have suffered seizures, broken ligaments, loss of bowel control, and, in some cases, loss of consciousness, including one elder who went into cardiac arrest. 300 people have reportedly been injured and 26 have been hospitalized.

Now, the US Army Corps of Engineers has announced that it plans to shut down the Oceti Sakowin camp site—hypocritically citing the "safety" of the water protectors while planning to further criminalize them.

Call on President Obama and the US Army Corps of Engineers and tell them to rein in violent police, not relocate unarmed Native Americans.

Note: If you can't get through to the US Army Corps of Engineers via phone, try sending them a message here.

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