#CallingAllMuslims: Host an phonebanking event on 11/1

Election Day is just a few days away—on Tuesday, November 6th.

Leading up to this crucial election, we need to make sure Muslim voters around the country are getting out to the polls!

On Thursday, November 1st, folks all across the U.S. are signing up to host #CallingAllMuslims phone banks—bringing together people in their community to make phone calls to Muslim voters to get out the vote.

Will you join? Sign up below and we'll help you host your own phone banking event!

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      In order to host an event, you must attend a training on October 30th at 6pm ET and agree to follow all of the ground rules below.

      Here are the rules for hosting events:

      • Do not use #CallingAllMuslims or #MyMuslimVote resources or branding to endorse, support, or oppose any candidates or political parties.
      • Actively recruit/reach out to community members that are often excluded and encourage them to be part of leadership and projects.
      • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak, offer ideas and feedback, and take on leadership roles.
      • Document the event on social media using #CallingAllMuslims and #MyMuslimVote
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