Host an Iftar In the Streets

The past few years have been challenging. With three iterations of the Muslim Ban, a sharp rise in hate crimes, attacks aboard airlines, and constant anti-Muslim rhetoric from elected officials and the media—it feels like there’s a perpetual target on our communities. However, it's also been a year filled with moments of Muslims in the U.S. standing up for justice.

2019 is a critical year—and yet another moment for us to stand proudly & unapologetically as Muslims celebrating our faith and our values.

This Ramadan, we're using the tradition of the communal breaking of the fast to build solidarity with our (Muslim and non-Muslim ally) communities and to adhere to the Prophetic tradition of acting and speaking out for justice. Join us by holding public Iftar events—#IftarInTheStreets. 

This year we’re asking you to host your event on Malcolm X’s Birthday, Sunday May 19, 2019. Malcolm X serves as an inspiration and role model for many—both non-Muslim and Muslim—fighting for justice over the decades.

Please keep these principles in mind when hosting an event:

  1. Create an inclusive event by inviting Muslims as well as other groups (people of color, youth, elders, families, immigrants, other faiths) to your iftar.
  2. Be "in the streets" by asking participants to take action on a local issue, or do an act of service/charity before the group breaks their fast. If connecting to a political action, please make be sure to follow all applicable laws and legal procedures.
  3. Break fast together by arranging food to (water/dates) and a full meal—this can be a potluck iftar or "leftar" where people bring their leftovers so as not to waste food.

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