National Muslim Voter Registration Day 2019 - Host

This election year, we’re ready to build and demonstrate our collective power—and ensure our voices are heard at the polls and beyond.

That means coming out full-force for National Muslim Voter Registration Day (#NMVRD) on Friday, August 23rd.

Dozens of cities around the country are joining National Muslim Voter Registration Day with the goal of registering thousands of Muslim voters through town halls, khutbah days, and voter registration drives.

#NMVRD is part of the larger #MyMuslimVote campaign—a national non-partisan campaign focused on increasing civic engagement in U.S. Muslim communities through voter registration, engagement, and mobilization efforts.

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      • Do not use #NMVRD or #MyMuslimVote resources or branding to endorse, support, or oppose any candidates.
      • Actively recruit/reach out to community members that are often excluded (e.g. women, people of color), and encourage them to be part of leadership and projects.
      • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak, offer ideas and feedback, and take on leadership roles.
      • Document the event on social media using #NMVRD and #MyMuslimVote
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